So You Can Dream

For My Hatter

You hide behind moonlight,
guarding the face I fell madly in love with.
Gripping the chords of our forever,
and holding them inside the heart of splintered wood
smelling of pine, and our tomorrow.
In a secret place,
where white rabbits speak our language,
you love me.
Outside the darkness,
and in the stolen time that relentlessly shifts our souls.

I need him.
An innocent need that gets polarized with the sun.
Exasperated. Expanded and extreme.
I need him.
Like the trees need the wind to breathe.

Beautiful is your mind,
dancing with a starlight I can’t reach.
I want to sleep, inside the pours of your skin.
So that I can find your pain, pull it to my chest,
and you can finally dream.
You’ve been waiting long enough,
to soar with feathers, freed from their prisons.
Waiting long enough,
to break free, and grab the hands
of heaven.
We walk,
hand to heart,
eyes open, and into the sun.
And with each pull of gravity’s strings,
I will wrap your demons into mine
so that you, my love,
can finally dream.

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