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I am so glad you’re here. Here is where you will find support as I walk you down a path of inspired action. Here is where you can embrace healing and lean into growth. I am excited to help you uncover your purpose by giving you tools to remember who you are. I provide a judgment free and compassionate safe space, as you move through grief, trauma, fear, and once again awaken to a deeper connection with yourself and your spirituality.

Find Your Inspiration, Your Healing, and how to live a life, Lead with Love.

My purpose and joy are in guiding you to healing and hope. My mission is to help you discover your blocks and bust open every piece of you so that you can balance your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical beings, and get into the flow of your own purpose and joy.


You Are of Healing


Whatever you're struggling with, you're worthy of turning that pain to peace, that feeling of being lost to having intentional direction, that loneliness to self-love.


"It wasn't easy, but I put in the work. Jessica didn't let me give-up and I know now that I was worth all the time and effort I put into my healing."


Counseling Client
Rivers Edge
"I know without Jessica's direction, I would never have found the clarity I have, or the be in the peaceful space I am in now."


Counseling Client
My Front Yard
"I see hope where I didn't before. I'm on a much better path then I was before working with, Jessica."


Counseling Client
"I felt safe and never judged as I poured out, my not always comfortable truths."


Counseling Client
"Jessica did an amazing recording for me that has been life changing. Listening to it every day has not only brought comfort, but also real and tangible change."


Recording Client
"The work I did with Jessica will stay with me forever. I'm so grateful."


Breathwork Client

Find your inspiration

you are worthy of healing


Jessica is an award winning poet and speaks much of her own journey and healing through poetry. You can also find topics on grief, spirituality, and more. Jessica writes with a hope to remind you that you're not alone.

Lessons in Grief

Several months ago my animal friend, Scarlet, let me know our time together was coming to an end. I heard her, took note, but pushed

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The Ghost Beside You

There is a ghost lying next to youwhere you’ve replaced my body. There is a burning left at your chestwhere my hand would rest inside. There

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