A Day Like Any Other

Another reset in the universal button
It all still feels the same
Change becomes the expectation
When reality plays out

It is only the exception

Three.  Six.  Five.
To start again
To make new
Initiate amends
Reaching out
Reaching in

A great truth revealed
And Lessons learned
In natures field
While each blade of grass

As the day before

No Less
No more

I still have
The same eyes
To see

And I still use
As my means
To breathe

I am still doing my best

No more
No less

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  1. I really liked your poem. It has great rhythm. The New Year doesn’t magically make things change. Yet the expectation that things will be different when a new calendar is pinned to the wall remains. Why is that?

  2. This is perfect. Especially with the way my New Year has begun… I’m ready for the cleanse. But *I* am making it happen. Another wonderful poem, my dear!

    1. Sweet Michelle, a great big hug to you for your loving words and soooo very appreciated support. Today is just another day to learn from. You will make wonderful things happen, because that is what you are… wonderful.
      Thank you for reading. Nothing profound here, just a ditty that felt like being said.
      Love to you! ?

  3. Thank you, sweetie. Sometimes the things that need to be said are just the things we need to hear. 😉
    Hugs and Love to you! I hope your New Year is beginning the way you want it to. ?

    1. I think it is just all the hype about the New Year and making resolutions. It is important to be aware all year round and always be ready for change – and to make change.
      Thank you for reading! ?

  4. A great truth revealed
    And Lessons learned
    In natures field
    While each blade of grass
    As the day before
    Absolutely powerful! So often we try to help the grass grow as if it happens through time-lapse photography. In your wisdom you see that “each blade of grass continues…as the day before…”
    Beautifully written Jessica.

  5. nice. and hopefully this year a little further along than the last…but i still breathe so i am satisfied…nice one shot

  6. “Change becomes the expectation
    When reality plays out”
    Very true. Balance is needed in life, “no more, no less” (that part reminds me of a heartbeat) and sometimes acceptance proves best while trying to maintain. You break life down to a breathing, learning experience. Well done, Jessica.

  7. Ah, New Years. A day filled with hope and bolstered by failure, such is the human condition. Great work with this piece, I loved it! I might have to make some of my friends read it when they start getting upset about their expectations never being met. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I just hate when I see people feel like they failed because they set some expectation for no other reason that it is the 1st! It is best to try and change daily and gradually.
      Thank you for reading! ?

  8. …and as long as you have same eyes and use same oxygen, life goes on but even better cos being smart you’ve learnt from the past experience and def wont fall a victim anymore. Well done, J.

  9. What can i say..you are beyond all my words Jess! awesome read, and i am taken with your “no more..no less” it is just deep, subtle and the pain is lingering on the tunes. Great poem sweetheart..*sigh*…

  10. Oh..this is so true, Jessica.. each day is just another day… and yet it seems to be so different… with a new promise… of something..
    A very interesting read, my friend… thought provoking!!
    And oh yea, WELCOME to One Stop Poetry!! It’s awesome to learn you have joined this fantastic team!!!
    Verse on.. and keep rocking!

  11. Soooo relatable. (Have been head-brewing a poem with these sentiments for a week or two now.)
    The picture at the end adds dimensions to the poem. I normally eschew pictureworks, but in this case it wasn’t superfluous – excellent!

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