Eyes Wide Open

Tomorrow speaks quietly with cherry blossom breath.  Missteps wrap into night cries.  I know them as I do the back of my hand and I push through my discomfort’s smile.  A sanctuary now guarded by the hearts of others.  Breaking open the falsehood of destiny – and laying my path with bricks of faith.

I learn to live beyond my somber moments and find freedom in inspiration – enlightenment in feeling the sound of thunder.  Our senses can fail us, but mastered we can defy gravity.  I break the cycle with the smell of fear and I barrel through bondage with the taste of wind.  What we think we know will halt us in our tracks, but when we move in the water as smooth as dolphins – our history can change.


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  1. what we think we know will contain us, but when we learn to forget or relearn what they taught us to pin us like butterflies to the cork board, we really can fly…glad you snuck into one shot

  2. A simple awareness can take us places indeed!!
    So beautifully you have conveyed this here, Jess…
    Just by keeping our minds open, we can open our souls to an unending horizon of possibilities… and here, “limit” becomes an insignificant little word..
    So.. amen to inspiration.. and amen to looking ahead!

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