The Dream in my Sails

There was a moment in time –
when I thought dirt made you clean,
and water dehydrated.
My stars were raindrops and my moons
burned to the touch.

The wind pushes me forward,
and I have learned to swallow again.

The twisting versions of time,
and the space that floated between,
now glow with understanding and neon arrows.

My boat is ready to set sail,
and my crew is on deck.
Join me on a trip to an Island
that speaks our language,
and fuses our hearts.
Don’t get left behind.

Now boarding.

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    1. Amen, Chris. Hard to see through everything else sometimes, but together we can make it through and find beauty in the toughest things.

  1. You can hear the voice clearly in this piece. Focused on pulling someone with them on this trip…’swallow again’ can be taken many ways…leaving it open for the reader. I like this, Jess. RS

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