Reflection by Jessica Kristie

I want to write you a love letter,
but the words are tangled in the walls of my stomach.
I’m a jagged piece of amethyst
holding close
my sharp edges,
folding hope into hues of purple
and painting them
beneath my skin.

I want to give you the pieces of me
I know
I can never get back.
For you to hold my moon
gently under the rib
that lets love,

I’m burnt corners in growing fields
of ghosts and starlight.
Traveling through your past
with a mirror for remembrance,
a palm to soothe the wounds,
and bringing you to the place
that lets you know
what it is
that I know.

I want to show you,
A mere reflection
of you.
I want you to remember—
that where your soul begins
and mine ends,
there has never been
a difference.








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