Moonlit Nights

There was a bleeding that happened,
when your hand slipped silently from mine.
Narrow brooks lead to an ocean of sunshine—
and I never quite got there.
I’m always more in the spotted rim of your eye,
keeping me from where I ever wanted to be.
In a past moment—
you had me.
The sewn lips and unclean hands
forced me to walk away.
Back to the place I always should have been…
without you.
Moments still,
and memories pass . . .
bury deep beneath a ribcage
that was once etched with promise.
Yes, I think of you.
I wish for you growth,
and something better than me.
I pray in moonlit nights
that the sun that bolted from your skies
will one day give way—
and flowers will finally grow
on our forgotten grave.

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  1. Jess,
    As a writer myself I find it difficult properly discussing loss and/or grief in my work. i do attempt it when the emotion is powerful as it can be very cathartic, yet I never feel the product is in complete alignment with the emotions. You did a tremendous job structuring and illustrating this here. I felt both a reflection of what you detailed but also a bit of awe in how you were able to craft such a wonderful write under the influence of personal loss. I love the way you shifted into transition throughout the poem. And to point out one line, the rib cage one was an amazing way of describing the heart. Anyhow, it is unfortunate you had to experience this, but a wonderfully crafted poem did come from it. So bright side I guess? Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you Fred. I like to tap in, if not capitalize on all emotions that run through me. Although some are quickly passing, it is important to feel it out. I am also big on reflection and digging deep to pull out what I feel now about something I (or maybe someone else) experienced. There is always a bright side to emotions and a way to heal and grow from them.
      Thank you for reading. ? xoxo

  2. God woman you are carving images in my mind with this one.
    “Back to the place I always should have been… without you.” Hits me in my open wounds. Grappling with so much right now. How can you be in my head like that?

    1. Hey beautiful. I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I am honored I could speak for you in this instance. Let me know if you need someone to listen, I am always here for you.

  3. that the sun that bolted from your skies
    will one day give way –
    and flowers will finally grow
    on our forgotten grave.~
    Such a powerful write Jess, ‘on our forgotten grave’
    of a love now spent and lost
    and a healing is evident
    after a passage of time
    that now in possible forgiveness
    the hope that ‘flowers will finally grow’
    ~ took my breath away Jess ~
    Beautiful ~ Lib ~

  4. Fabulous poetry that cuts deep with recognition to ones own dependence in a relationship and the cut off line when you realise You are not growing with this person but rather its like a stagnation ( well this is how i feel what i got from your word.. ) which “your words” express for me so well.. the sadness of the realisation comes out strongly also Im so glad i read this & You are sharing your poetry with all thankQ so much wish you well always Beez :))

    1. Awww, thank you. I love your interpretation. It is important to me that everyone can take something away from my words and place them in their world. Thank you for reading and sharing. Much love. xoxoox

  5. An excellent painting of release, finding yourself in aloneness, righting a wrong choice. We can’t define ourselves by someone else’s vision, can we?
    “I’m always more in the spotted rim of your eye,
    keeping me from where I ever wanted to be.”

  6. I think the shadows that dance with in this write are just fantastic. The language is dark, haunting, and my messed up head just loves to run away with such things.”The sewn lips and unclean hands/forced me to walk away.” For me…this speaks volumes! Fantastic write…all that has been said above x10!

    1. Hey girlfriend, I am with you on the messed up head thing. You would never think I would be such a happy girl with all the darkness I write about, but I think that is what keeps me happy. Thank you for reading! 🙂

  7. hey jess, this is the link i left in…if i was wrong let me know..
    this is a heartfelt write…your wishes for them in the end leave me warm in your desire to see new life in theirs…this is such a hard thing to do…the realization then having to act on it knowing it will hurt…it always does…

  8. Looking back on old passions, doomed relations…it’s never easy. You speak to it from the heart – that broken-hearted voice of raw humanity. It’s a sad piece you’ve painted for us here, but the language and the emotional texture of it make it positively sing. Delicately, wonderfully done.

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