Giving In

Giving In
Give me something to feel.
So I can bottle it gently,
break it under my breath,
and repeat it in reverberating whispers.
Making love to your ear.
With the same words,
you passively aggressively,
begged me to hear.
Palpable thumping.
From ten feet away.
Breathable fear,
while peering through fingers,
you beg me to stay.
I will learn,
one of these days,
your burning touch,
is a residual lie.
I will,
one of these days,
learn to say,
so much more than just—
Give me something to feel.
Leave out your underground,
Break it beneath your chest.
Let it go.
And let me finally close my eyes,
and rest.
Threads of Life
COPYRIGHT © 2012 by Jessica Kristie
Excerpt appears courtesy of Winter Goose Publishing

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