Our In-Between

It’s hard to put into words the drifting that now cradles my body and pulls me from side to side. I was comfortable in the space that nestled beneath your arm. In the part of you that was unsure, but willing. In the moments before your head passed up your heart and left you blinded by fear.

I would have stayed in the in-between we created, forever, just for those tiny glimpses of you.

I was yours. You were wrong to never see that. To never claim it.
I would have crossed oceans to hold your hand.
I whispered your name with each rising of the sun,
and with every breath of me,
would have given you the stars.

My love,
without you knowing,
I was leading you to meet the moon,
and together we would have sailed to the center of our wonderland.

I’ve been ripped from your chest, quickly and without warning. You threw me to the ether with not even a kiss goodbye. Pieces of me still cling to our past, and I continue to drift.

Wishing for yesterday… and your hand that never quite,
made it into mine.


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