Mermaid’s Tail



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    1. Anna, I loved your post. The fact you can be in the moment and learn the lessons for everything in your life is so important. I enjoyed what you shared and feel it was very touching. 🙂

  1. great use of words jess…the opening had me wondering if this was going to a darker place…even with teh use of perpetrator later in the piece you still have me wondering…but i think it turns out good, him seeing in you what you can not and in the end wooing you…nice piece…

    1. Thank you Brian, it is great to see you 🙂 I love your interpretation and my intention was not to be completely dark although I always seem to go there.

  2. well Jess the mermaids would have me everytime – love the myth and magic of the siren – and a real captivation here – held – ‘wrapped tight’ as his ‘eyes twirled with windmills in the moonlight’ fabulous image – lib

      1. I hate that WP does that. Why can’t we post hearts & rainbows? I feel lost without them 🙁

        Thanks for stopping love, so glad you liked it. xoxo

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