Loving Your Demons

I’d made peace with your past
and mine.
Now bereft in your choice to choose
the demons
over me.
I would have tattooed your memory across my chest
if that meant you would have stayed
till the day I died.
But your spirits faded
and I’ve only pain left
to mark as a path
to our memories.
In the moments when
I remember your voice
I pray for you, new roads
that lead to the wonderland
you wanted. Needed.
The true fit to your pain.
I loved your demons.
And yet I would
still carry them
so you can finally dream
in the comfort
and peace
that your once beautiful soul
I’m unwinding my pain
and someday you will be
lost in the valley.
A place I never wanted our
kingdom to die.
Until then, I will continue to miss you
as I always have.
And love your demons
as I’ve always loved you.

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  1. Demons always plague poets because we face reality. Most run from pain; hiding behind work, etc., and forgetting what hurt them. Loving your Demons is an example of how poets face and express agony. Well done!

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