Beneath the Earth

Whether metaphorical or straight daggered to the point, volumes are spoken.  My effect may be small as a grain of sand, but I swing to you in cargo holds of 10,000 x 10,000.  I breathe through heart shaped straws buried far beneath the earth’s surface.  Lying down to form, my own tectonic layer.  You can’t rake through deep enough to find me.
Sheltered in wait to shake you once again — down to your knees.  Vibrating your bones with the thunderous beats of my chest.  Breaking down patterns of resistance in one attack of my ocean walls.  We fight with smoking stones that weep with passionate cries of love.  Each blow thrusts us deeper into the eye of the storm.  Merging our bodies, dissecting our life’s smoke, and making us so much more than ever expected.  Liquefied and soaking between our fingers.  Hoping for only what can be given, and becoming one within that world.


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    1. Thank you Jenne! I love writing prose poetry. It has been an inspiring form for me. You can check out more under the prose poetry category. I also have a few pieces at the end of Dreaming in Darkness and my second book is primarily prose poetry!
      I appreciate you reading. 🙂

  1. Wow this piece broke me down and built me back up again. I’m definitely going to give Tony a thank you for recommending a bard of your caliber ^_^. You also get major points for appending one of the most heartmelting singers of our time…Adele…on this post. Argh, now I just want to sit here and replay that song a million times!

    1. Thank you for reading! I am so glad that Tony aided you in finding me. I feel honored you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. gorgeous jessica…dissecting lifes smoke…you use the earth as it rubs plates to describe the true fight which it does take to become one…and sometimes to stay that way…well played…

  3. “I breathe through heart shaped straws buried far beneath the earth’s surface. Lying down to form, my own tectonic layer. You can’t rake through deep enough to find me.” All I can say is beautiful imagery. I read it over and over!

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