We tried this and it failed.

The fencing from the outside seemed solid and pure, newly polished and ready to shelter. We made a life with intertwined lips and laced fingers. There is a remarkable spark that builds in your toes and bleeds out your palms.
I tried and failed.
I gathered what I could in mason jars. I placed them on my highest shelf. I forged from steel what layered the ground and twisted up to bedposts.  Something was there in deserts old and sand storms new, but it blew past too quickly to build strong walls that hold the memories just right.
We tried this and it shattered.
It was made of glass but thick to the touch. Reflections mastered your face and your face fell into reflections.  Lost in seas of misguided not-so-true . . . truths. To you.  In what you built from childhood teachings and what you chose to never let go. What still brings night terrors and feverish defeats.
I tried and shattered.
There was a road that melted like lava to a page filled with perfect smiles and bridge-drawn castles. I was invited to make roots in brick, then shunned when I could not succeed.
Flags waved me into a world I too often want to
lie down in.
Give up on.
Break down with.
I tried.
Now build me again.

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  1. Great job jess, love the casual, conversational tone, very reflective feel here. The metaphor beneath the episodic tale is wonderful how you weaved it in, and love the imagery within the poem and that’s a really cool picture as well. Thanks Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  2. heavy…we all need that building up…and the shunning can certainly be hard….i appreciate the feeling that flows through this…i do like the touch of trying to gather it in mason jars…there is history there for me..

  3. A matter of fact dose of heaviness here, Jess – reflective and thoughtful, yet almost…blunt, casual. The sand castle image works well with this. Sometimes we try, and we try, only to fail…but we must hope there are others there to help us, to build us back to what we were, and restore a little of that worldly spark within us. This one resonates.

  4. God…this is heart rendering! The mason jars moved me too…funny these triggers we don’t even know we have. You uncover them well with your work. As long as we stay committed to rebuilding when shattered, we should be okay…right?

    1. Thanks love! It is neat that certain words can rise things up in us. Life is all about rebuilding. It is a given that many times along our path we break, falter, fall…. the sooner we know that then the sooner we can mend the pieces. 🙂

  5. powerful, masterful delivery.
    How is your day?
    Glad to land here,
    Amazing poetic muses shared,
    Welcome joining us for poets rally week 57,
    A random poem or a free verse is okay.
    Hope to see you in.
    Happy Thursday.

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