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Immerse yourself in the award winning and 2011 Pushcart Prize nominated poetry collection, Dreaming in Darkness, from writer Jessica Kristie.  Share the passion and anguish, the acceptance and regret that life imposes on us all. Feel the validation of your pain, discover empowerment through understanding, and be reminded that a light always exists when you are Dreaming in Darkness.

“Powerful, honest, evocative and achingly beautiful, Dreaming of Darkness is a stunning collection.” – John Malik, The Huffington Post

Rated 5/5 stars “Jessica Kristie dazzles in this new collection of poems. … each section in this collection starts off slow and staccato and builds slowly as time moves on, into lines that are longer but still pack a punch…’ – Kevin Winter, The San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review. Read the full review HERE


“…‘Dreaming in Darkness’ is brilliant. This is a powerful, effective piece of art portraying the journey from pain to healing, darkness to light.  I highly recommend.” – Sammy Sutton, Author.  Read the rest of the review HERE


Rated 5/5 Stars:  “So very deeply moving.  Jessica Kristie has filled the pages with such heartfelt poetry and loss. Sadness and love intertwined together creating such a masterful and addictive piece of work. Such a great talent, as you will find yourself enraptured through her poetry and pain. More than simply beautiful.  She brings that what aches inside and lays it on paper.  The raw emotion of love and loss.  That which it is. And that which it may be.  It’s way better than beautiful.” – Uniquely Moi Books


“Dreaming in Darkness is a journey of emotion.  It is a voyage of transformation. At times it is a place to empathize. You will find a smile creep across your lips.  You will undoubtedly have sympathy take hold of your hand as you travel the course Jessica lays out page by page.” – Fred, Writer at Sqwerm: Reviews, Design, Creation, Life.  Read the rest of the review HERE.


“Dreaming in Darkness is dramatic, brutally honest, confrontational, and mysterious.” ~ Garrett Eastman, Librarian and writer at Quit Taking It Personally


“Dreaming in Darkness, by Jessica Kristie, is a poignant, and deeply moving journey about love and loss. Many will find solace in Jess Kristie’s ability to take that which lives deep inside the heart and soul, and translate those feelings and emotions into gorgeous poetry and prose. Love unrequited…promises made and broken…despair and heartache—these are the things we, as humans, eventually feel when we open our hearts to others. Never have I seen raw emotion represented so eloquently, as love lays it’s staggering, oft-times, painful tune. Both powerful and captivating, Jessica Kristie delivers a body of work you will not soon forget.” ~ Al Boudreau, Author of In Memory of Greed


“What touched me the most about “Dreaming in Darkness” was the undefined definition of its themes. Love and lovers dance through each page, but it’s love that can cross many boundaries: Mother to child (I was touched by Jessica’s dedication to her children in “We Walk on Water”), man to woman, friend to friend. The dreams and yes, the nightmares we find in “Dreaming in Darkness” touch the darkest corners of our hearts, our hidden fears and our greatest loves across all areas of our lives. ” ~ Renee Malove, Owner of Clever Copywriting. Organic Results.  Read the rest of the review HERE


“Dreaming in Darkness is an Emotional Masterpiece, This is gorgeous! I love everything about Dreaming in Darkness, its depth of emotion is startling. High quality and evocative, Dreaming in Darkness is an emotional epic journey where the writing goes from innocence and light to dark then to light again. The work delivers hope through passion. The poems are exquisite and saturated in emotion, they feel forbidden in unbridled sensuality.” – Ozma  Read the full review HERE


“In today’s fast paced society, many believe poetry is a fading art form. Then along comes a poet who breathes life into her work, and leaves her reader yearning to grab a pen themselves.” – Amanda Haury,  Poetry at The Deepening read the full review HERE




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