what tools do you use for healing? Having a multitude of options to relieve your stress, anxiety, and pain can create a greater sense of peace and offer more opportunities for success in your healing journey.

  • Custom Recordings

    Recordings specific to your needs can be extremely powerful in setting new habits and mindsets.

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  • Guided Meditation & Tapping (EFT)

    Guided Meditation to get to a open and state of relief and then Tapping to provide relief from things like stress, grief, and anxiety.

    $75.00 45 minutes Book
  • Breathwork

    Your life force, that is breath, can be used to create relief from anxiety, grief, pain, and induce healing in both your physical and emotional health.

    $50.00 30 minutes Book
  • Reiki / Energy Healing

    Reiki and Energy Healing is a beautiful tool to add to your healing toolbox.

    $75.00 45 minutes Book