You Are

We met in the darkness. Your presence bled through the masses and brushed against me gently. The passion in your hands drifted through my chest and strummed the chords of my soul.

You are music. Harmony. A dream through mystic rivers.

You are stars. Moonlight. A hope to be delivered.

I feel you when you’re near. Weaving through black oceans to sit and wade in my line of vision. Palpable to the tongue, secretly longing for my touch.

I want to find you when you sleep. Reach through your dreams and wrap my arms around your waist. Bury my face into your neck and press my lips against your skin. I want to hold you through your darkness and love you into the morning.

You are light. Sunshine. A reflection in the waves.

You are wind. Breath. A hope to be made.


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