When There Is No One to Be Proud

I began a road of independence early in life. It was a necessity that came from early child bearing and the desire to find my purpose. My path has changed more times than I can count and I have fallen down just as many. At the same time, I’ve always risen stronger than I had imagined possible.

In the process of discovering my direction I worked in the corporate world, and began and failed at a few of my own ventures along the way. Most of my creations, even the successful ones, never lead those around me to express being proud of my accomplishments. One of the hardest lessons I learned was when I became a published author for the first time and the lack of enthusiasm or support I experienced from my family and friends. This by no means is a pity party (I already had that) but a tough lesson I hold close. It has been a shared experience by several creators I know, and this has given me the tools to prepare others in my industry. It has also prepared me for the many more adventures I’ve been on that have lacked the desired effect of approval I mistakenly sought, and had been seeking all my life. A search that has always been in vain.

I started Winter Goose Publishing in 2011, which has been extremely successful and weathered numerous storms in the ever changing industry. In April we celebrated not only five years in business but also the publishing of our one hundredth book. I own this success, which had been difficult for me to do in the past due to fear of failure and lack of interest by those in my life.

There is immense freedom in creating for you and you alone. Letting go of the need for others’ validation has offered me genuine ownership of my successes.

I am grateful for who I am and all the amazing things I’ve accomplished. I take extreme pride in needing no one other than me to acknowledge that.


If no one has told you today, I’m proud of you! Take a moment to tell yourself the same thing. 


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  1. At the risk of sounding like I am having the self-pity party over at my place today… this made a tear or two come to my eyes. I’ve slowly and painfully learnt this lesson too – and keep on learning it over and over again, as if I am too stupid to understand it the first time or refuse to lose hope that next time things will be different.
    Thank you for speaking from the heart and straight to my heart!

    1. Sending you love, Marina. You are not stupid for wanting others to appreciate or even acknowledge what you’ve done. It takes effort and intent to remove the expectations we have of others. It’s a process of self-love and a necessity as a creator. Your work and success is not attached to how others view it. Don’t give anyone else that power, it’s yours to hold. Be proud today and everyday.

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