When Change Calls, Jump

Do you ever feel change linger in thick clouds above your head? It follows you around every corner and you see it in your rear-view mirror. I don’t necessarily fear change, but I do sit unsettled with the unknown. I would like to think I have strong faith, that you can throw curve balls at me and I would defend myself with a certain gusto. I would like to think that I always shed myself gracefully and surrender my new skin to face the glories of this life.
There are a lot of things that I would like to think.
Further beyond what my idea of this life is, is a reality of what IS. What IS can be disconcerting when there is a three-foot-thick bubble encompassing my world. But even our realities can be subjective, and change is something that does not discriminate.
When you find yourself ten feet deep in a heap of never-ending change, break downs, and curve-balls, take a moment and unwrap. Fighting the good fight is breathing the water, developing gills when the air has constricted our lungs. Fearing the unknown does not make us weak. It puts us directly inside an opportunity to shine a light and be the change. There are too many things in life we waste time resisting when we should surrender and accept. This will give us the power and time to rise up and fight the things we need to.
The last several years I have accepted my poverty but fight to create new opportunities. I have given in to my loss but give my everything to reach recovery. I have let go of my hurt and beat down the door to emotional freedom. Each day I step back and find uniqueness, and breathe deeply the grace I have been given. There is definitely a time to fight, but there is also a time to let go. This balance has fed my sanity.
Embrace your change and find your freedom.

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  1. Even your website post is filled with the message to live to your best ability and to better understand yourself. Waiting for your new novel. Thanks for the energy you pass on.

    1. Thank you Dolly. Being graceful in my emotions is a slow process too. 🙂 Every day we learn and find our blessings. Thank you for visiting. xoxo

  2. “Embrace the change.” You are right.
    I was, and still am,reluctant to make any major change … and every single time I realize it was a good thing after all. 🙂

    1. I think we are all guilty of that. For some reason we just want to fight change and sometimes we need to, but a lot of the time we don’t. 🙂

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