We Are The Same

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  1. i relate strongly to the voice of this poem…dealing with my own issues…that sensation of trying to let others know…i’ve been there…is desperate and well shown here. RS

  2. Trusting others because you trust yourself is a beautiful thing. Beginnings and endings are better when we can look at our own involvement and empathize with another’s feelings. I love this.
    I love you.

  3. a sad but insightful write on understanding the truth behind the self and patterns repeated in life and relationships throughout life….prays she learns to be a peace with herself…bkm

  4. Difficult poem to read, but doesn’t quell the appreciation Jess, really strong and the voice of the narrator is above all “bleeding in any colour that you ask me to”.
    Powerful stuff!

  5. Jess,
    A poem that many can relate to. Kind of along the same theme as Diana’s, but this time the narrator knows what she is getting into. Willing to do whatever to be with the one that they love. Powerful indeed! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love the unmasked truth of it most, I think. Your wounds, our wounds, pulled from past to present to give perspective to the cycle of love and hurt. You strike well from the heart.

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