This Mourning

There was so much you could have given me this morning
A smile
A touch from your sweet lips
The taste of your tongue
I could have been drenched in the ecstasy of your finger tips
Lost within your soulful smile
I should have awoken to the sounds of the morning
Breathing down my side
I was awakened by the leather of your belted words
And the creaking of my stunted heart
No effort for my healing
I am captured in this forgotten mourning
Twisted in this laid out fate
Drunk amidst your desperate mentions
Lost behind a rescue
Too little too late

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  1. your mourning flows sad
    and full of pain
    painted words upon the page
    affecting us with every turn
    stirring memories
    and deep feelings
    just read your bio :~) glad to know I shouldn’t take all your words to heart

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