The Art of Friendship

November rolls around and the mood changes across the planet. We go into Holiday season and the flashes of Santa and Nativity Scenes fill the media and our rooms. I think this time of year forces us to reflect and therefore become nostalgic. Too many times, even a little blue.  I feel it too. The chaotic schedules and drain of the pocket book leaves even the strongest feeling a bit weak.
A large part of my reflection turns to my friends this year. I think it is because I miss them. I miss the physical contact and the conversation. Moving away from my home town a year and a half ago just naturally brought an obvious physical divide between some old friends and I, but also an emotional one. Sad but so painfully true.
I feel lucky for the amazing new connections I have made this year alone. I have met people who have brought me through some of my own minor shades of blue.  Real, unconditional and faithful friends are hard to find. People come and go way too often and rarely realize what sadness they leave behind.  I admit to growing out of people or just times of my life, but generally it is mutual and just naturally fades out. This is much more preferred than the whirl-wind of self absorbed and predominantly selfish people that find their way in and then out of our lives.

Thank you to my friends who are there, have been there and will be there. Those of you who really know me, know I will do anything for you.
Happy Holidays My Loves!
*I wrote this poem in High School*

Priceless Treasures

Friends are priceless treasures
Cherish them
They are gifts from God
Love them
They a heaven sent
Spend time with them
They are worth the time spent
Take care of them
They are not here forever
Sacrifice for them
They are a priceless treasure

I have used this song before, but I think it is important for everyone to know that they are not alone. This is a sad time of year for so many and a high for suicides. Always be kind and gentle to those around you! You never know where they have been and what battles they have, or may be fighting.  Always  Be Loving!

“Your not alone – I’m with you… I’m lonely too.” ~Mavis Staples

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  1. i haven’t known you too long yet but i’m enjoying getting to know you. you’re a neat person, beautiful writer and have a great presence. glad we connected in the blogosphere.
    🙂 xo

  2. Friends are chosen relatives,
    Some stay some move on
    Some close some really far
    We miss them like hell
    We love them like no other
    Friendship is always unconditional
    Frienship is true
    Friendship lasts forever
    As friends are always more than anyone else
    Thank you Jess for being such a wonderful person *Angel*

  3. You are one of the treasures that I’ve been so graciously awarded this year. You mean the world to me.
    Although miles may separate us, you are with me every day.
    I love you, soul sister.

    1. Honey, you have made an amazing impact on my life. You have brought me joy in more ways than I can express. I honestly love you and will find my way to you in the new year. We are going to spend some real time together! ?

  4. Jessica, love, your depth and beauty always shock me anew. Your words are felt before the mind takes them in. You bring us inside you… and this is precious and cherished. Thank you…for being you…and coming into my life at just the perfect time. ((know, when are we going to write!)) — btw, you are SO SWEET! 🙂

  5. My Sweet friend,
    Love this post.
    You truly are a valuable friend, who understands the importance of friendship in our lives.
    You are one of the amazing people and writers I have met on Twitter.
    I have enjoyed our friendship in many ways.
    You inspire me daily with your poetic beauty and grace. Your words always leave me in awe.
    And you are also always there with a kind word and sweet loving support on Twitter.
    I really appreciate all you have done to spread the word about my book and I treasure your blog interview with me. It’s one of my favorites.
    Thanks again for your sweet friendship and kind ways,

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