The Voice of Inspiration

This originally premiered at A Literary Pursuit as a guest post on 4/11/2011


There is a series of failures that tug at the coat of a writer.  They peek in and wait for the well to run dry or for you to lay the pen down a final time.  We sit and look at our heart that is woven into words of gold, and wonder why they have not made it to the Oprah Book Club or NY Times Best Seller list.  We wait, we react and we hope.

Literature is boundless in opportunity.  With new forms of publishing and creative ways to reach a broader audience, our goals can now reach sunrise status.  There is nothing stopping the common hand to write the next masterpiece, except maybe us.  Fear of failure is debilitating.  Experiencing what we perceive as a failure is disheartening.  We can read quotes and stories all day about not giving up, but sometimes that doubtful whisper in the wind takes precedence over what we hope tomorrow may bring.
Where to go when the words come tumbling down like an old warehouse that has just been demolitioned? Where to rest the weary head that crumples what seems to be the last rejection letter we can take?  No one can make us go on or force inspiration down our dry and cracking throats.  In writing and in life… when we feel beaten, we are just that– beaten.

Accepting our defeats lays the path for a better resistance. Dusting off wounds to make brighter tomorrows is noble and even more so, necessary.  It is okay to take in our hurts and let them sit for a day or two, but they cannot live there.  We cannot give in to the weight of others words and judgmental tactics.  We also can’t just learn from constructive feedback and encouraging pushes. There are answers in the reactions of others, as there are in ourselves.  Each moment is a learning experience and fuel for another writing fire, but if you can’t find that metaphorical match, then it might be time to clean house.

Our inspiration to write and more importantly to continue on, needs to come from everything.  Don’t narrow yourscope to music or the colors of the sky.  Find it where you would never think you  would.  Look at things deeper than what blares at you from the surface.  Bring life to the lifeless.

A tree is not just a tree, but a rooted memory that consistently gives with bountiful precision.
A tear is not just a tear, but a swollen moment that has leapt from your heart to your hands.

Every frame that shoots in front of our eyes carries passion like moon beams – beyond what we think we see.  Creativity lies deep in each of us and seeps out in endless forms.  Take the time to smell what should be seen – and taste what should be touched.  You never know what inspiration may speak, until you take a moment to really listen.


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