Tell Me To Wait

I was too early, or maybe too late. The door opened with gusts of stars that pulled me in… then cast me out. His eyes held gems from years gone by and still sparkled for what was to come.
He’s a healer.
A believer.
A fighter.
A man that humbly holds on to and bleeds his courageous platform. A man that could teach anyone how to love again.

From the moment I looked in his direction, I knew he was the sun. A piece of the galaxy I could never reach. A heart that was present but wrapped in diamonds for others to admire. He reached for me, but only for a moment. It stung so deep my eyes watered and I struggled to breathe.

Tell me to wait and I’ll wait. Tell me it’s too late, and I’ll wait. I’m not ready to not hold your strength in my hands or put away the magic that you’ve done to me.

I was too early… I’m not ready to say I’m late.
I don’t want to let go of
what I’ve not yet learned how
to hang on to.

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