Sticks & Stones



Dilapidated moments bring the most clarity. Reins may have temporarily taken flight and the walls left me feeling closed in, but inside that heavy storm there is an understanding.  I breathe deeply to pull in prayers that no longer bounce off the sky, because I am finally listening for the answer.  Faith may be failing around me with discouraging words manipulated to bring guilt and shame.  Still, weaved in barren ground are sounds that soothe the cracking roads.

If nothing else, I have learned to re-build from where I stand. From the inside out – that is where the wreckage begins. It is not about timing of words, or what sword to use. It all falls down to the knees that bend and search for where I can start healing. There is less sting to the realities of what this world gives and instead of folding down the gates that lead to greener woods, I will landscape the fissures within my own garden.

From the inside out, that is where all things begin.




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  1. I love that you openly discuss those moments when we are tested and unraveled. We need to admit they occur for all of us. I agree that rebuilding begins from the inside out. One of the hidden benefits of that rebuilding is that there is so much inspiration for writing and sharing with others who are also rebuilding. This is an excellent post which should be read by everyone!

    1. Thank you Susan. Sharing does seem to be a big part of healing and of course the writing. Thank you for reading and for always supporting me and my words. 🙂

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