Standing Tall in Pieces

A gesture originally intended with grace, but you wear it like a bad tie.  You steal and choke; I am breathless at your feet – and not in a good way.  Pointless are your groans as they make no sense, they don’t fight the fight that steals our visions,  they only break bridges and burn hopes.  You are calloused but scream in silkened snow.

A barrier plastered between you and I.

I see streams of water that wash wounds.
I see mounds of soil that make life.
I see an earth spin on an axis that keeps our feet, firmly on ground.
I see reality.
Break down your shields and piece apart your swords.

See it with me.

Listen close and paint that moment.

Feel it with me.

Remove your blinds and let go of this wind.

Break down with me

I can’t fix this,
without you.


*Photo By Tom Breazeale


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  1. if only ~ with both reading from the same page ~ but he’s in another stratosphere more like ~ Mmmm agree and so want him to for you, as ‘you can’t fix alone ~ Why can’t he see sense! ~ 🙂 Another Brillance Jess ~ Lib

  2. Burn me to cinders and I will only rise again stronger! Best of all, I do it for you. Thank you Jessica it is good to know I am not alone!

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