Shadow Dancing

In the still of the night,
your face dances on my wall,
I run my burdened hand
across your comforting eyes.
Hoping to feel just a glimpse of your skin.

You vibrate through my doors,
and tremble beneath my back.
Leaving marks on my bones,
and trails of love upon my heels.

Crawl inside my chest,
bury your need in me.
I will fold my hope around you,
and melt your past away.

We will sail to a place,
our reality cannot reach.
We will sink deep into our sand,
and love beyond what is seen.
I will rise up in your revelation
and be what you need of me.

Until I reach your lips,
your face will dance upon my wall.
as I dream upon your wonder
I will pour out all my colors,

while I wait desperately upon –

your healing thunder.


*Picture By Kumi Yamashita

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  1. Very nice Jess. Really love the movement of the imagery within the piece. Scanned over the photo at first and only really noticed it until after I finished the read. Works very well with the piece. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thank you Fred! I liked the photo too and felt it worked with the piece. Thanks for always reading. 🙂 xo

  2. What really attracted me to this piece is the voice of the poem soothing and assuring “the mystery shadow” that coming to her it will find comfort.

  3. This was a killer poem, Jess! Superbly constructed! The imagery was really awesome.. and chilling enough to give me some shivers! And the glint of hope was so masterfully slid in… really cool!

  4. This is my first time around but reading your poem makes me feel as if you know me.
    Now I want to get to know you.

    1. You are very sweet, thank you! I am happy you decided to come by and read. I hope you find that a lot of my words speak to you. 🙂

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