Sarafina Soul Sister

As a testimony to my previous post about Twitter – I bring you Sarafina.  You can find Sarafina on Twitter @Future4Fina , read her entertaining and well written blog at: Future4Fina Go ahead and tell her I sent you, she will treat you nice.
Fina for some reason just captured my heart immediately, as I am sure she does to many, with her sparkly sparkles.  Here is the Fina inspired poem that can also be seen on her blog post: Day 13 Can Kick Rocks along with alittle more about her journey. As I have already explained to Fina, as I will you now, no I don’t have the hots for the lovely Sarafina.  I only like the ladies on Tuesdays… and my friends, this is not Tuesday (or is it?)


Even your name circles around poetic tongue
Shifting from Grace Kelly to Bettie Page
With the flash of a smile and sketch of your pen
Sweet Soul Sister
You shine
You speak
We listen

Your labor of love
For all eyes to see
Laying out your wounds
Relinquishing your scars
Beating past dilapidated warehouses
Begging for you to reenter
Your strength beats the masses
As your heart rules within this cyclone
And brings it peace

Stillness in your memories
I feel it from here
Eerie and convalescent
Your world speaks to me
Your real life
Shoot down my real life spine
Amazing in your redemption
Inspired by your journey

You can’t help but love her
To feel with her
To know her


I adore you
Sweet Soul Sister


I had to add this song, for total obvious reasons.  Only fueling the fire for my apparent lady love.

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      1. Beautiful and kind, loving and warm, your words describe a total stranger to me as if she were a part of my life. I actually wish you both were a part of my soul. Add thinkingtoohard to the puzzle and a man could live as an immortal with the gods.

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