Recycling 2010

Someone said to me the other day “What do you plan on doing with your writing?”  Although on the surface it may seem like a bit of an obvious question, it still made me think.  It is the end of the year, so a good time to reflect on what was – and anticipate what will be.
The answer? I don’t pursue fame with my writing.  I am ok with a humble life and would just like to make a living and successfully put food on the table. Fame does not mean you are good at what you do. I know of plenty of famous people who are pretty terrible at what they are famous for.  I want to spend my time honing my craft and being the best I can be at what I do –whatever that may be.
Writing is tough and writers are odd.  We carry around notebooks, we keep odd hours, and we are always picking apart life so we can write about it later.   Many times thinking far too deeply into things and losing sleep because of it.  I have become very involved with my bedroom ceiling and I would really like to learn how to just fall asleep.
Which brings me to New Year’s Resolution #1 – Break up with my ceiling and find a non-medicated (no, I don’t medicate now) way to sleep again.
I spend so much time thinking about what I have done and what I need to do. I fully admit I should take to heart “live for today”  “live in the now”.  I believe this wholeheartedly and hope to learn to let go the chaos of my day and the constant rampaging of my brain.  This is what I would call a downfall of being a writer.
I have been blessed in 2010 although the year has also been quite difficult.  There have been lots of changes and stress. The year did end on a high note. I made a complete commitment to write and once I did, things turned around.  I have a book coming out in March and I am working on my second book which is a natural evolution of the first.  My work and focus has been on poetry.  I am working on a entire prose poetry book.  All will be in the same formatting and general idea as Grief Virus, Love Letter…, Remembering Closure & Heavy Burden.  I discovered I enjoy this way of writing and want to do a complete collection.  I have hopes to write a complete prose Novel.  I have the idea.  I  just need to get the details together and start writing!
Which brings me to New Year’s Resolution #2 – Write a Novel.  Really this time.
My fear of the novel really lies in the “much less subjectivity” of content.  Poetry can defy general grammar, word placement, and content rules. It is more artsy, so it can be more subjective. People may or may not like your style of writing, but can still find appreciation for it. Not that I haven’t read some bad poetry, I have, every day! I have also written my share of bad poetry.  With a novel you have to conform much more to grammar, punctuation, and content flow.  If you are riddled with bad grammar, bad dialogue, and bad sentences, it will turn a reader off quickly. You also need a unique idea in a world of unique and talented people. You have to be different and worth reading.  Nothing is worse than reading a book where you can predict the ending partway through… then you are right.  There is much more to consider when writing a novel with characters and dialogue.  It is all still hopefully a natural evolution for my writing.
And with that… Goodbye 2010
As we all close our eyes and leave 2010 behind us, remember it fondly. Learn and listen to the signs you were given. Even though we move into a New Year, it is still just a new day like any other. Every day should be let go of, and learned from – in preparation for the next.  Love and forgive. Life goes on if you do or don’t and I will go on with or without you… you will go on with or without me – BUT – life is quick, life is short, and we will do much better getting through it together.

Which brings me to the last New Year’s Resolution

Let go

Take my hand and let go with me.




“Listen when… all of this around us – will fall over

Tell you what we’re gonna do

You will shelter me my love

And I will shelter you.” ~ Ray LaMontagne

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  1. All of what you said rings true with me. If people are writing to get rich and famous they are in the wrong profession. Good luck on your novel writing. Check out It helped me a lot. I’ve learned that the success of writing a long piece of writing like a novel depends on the planning.

  2. Jessica,
    Thoughtful post. Enjoyed it.
    Wish you luck with your writing in the new year.
    I think your upcoming book and future creative endeavors will be well received in 2011.
    I know your beautiful words have inspired me this year.
    Thanks for all your support of my writing this year on your blog and Twitter.
    Happy New Year.
    George Pappas
    author of novel Monogamy Sucks

  3. “Every day should be let go of, and learned from – in preparation for the next.” <– love this. adding it to the lessons i need to take into 2011.

  4. I’m glad I stopped in to read your words Jess, I know the frustrated writers role so close to yours. I have stuck on my old hard drive a poetic novel I began some time ago and can’t retrieve. I know all of this you speak of, restless and the darn ceiling. (Mine is popcorn patch white and a few age cracks, 😉 ) ~ I was frustrated today as I looked over my novel again (now published and found my own editing mistakes) ~ but made myself feel much better as I looked at some major well known writer’s books, professionally edited, and still found mistakes in theirs’. I suppose if it sets into a readers’ mind the entire objective of a story-line, it somehow works. ~I had reviewed mine over and over! JUST GO FOR IT JESS ~ YOU ARE AWESOME! I would not doubt you’d put out to us a bestseller! As for the poetry…ahhhh go with it, a MUST, it’s beautiful! As YOU are!!!! *Hugs & Love ~April

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by too! I am so appreciative of your heart and willingness to love and share. I am proud of you and your new book! I can’t wait to read it. You took a chance and should be beaming… let the rest go. Happy New Year and may this year – we kick some butt! ??

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