Quiet Inside the Silence

Quiet sounds,
where footsteps once borrowed my heart.
I keep waiting
for you to fold around the corners,
speak into my ear . . .
fall into my arms.
Weakness prevails,
where stern wood was once rooted.
Tiny hands that breathed life into my wrists –
spoke volumes to my shoulders –
built cities inside my chest,
now walk out the door alone.
My guidance no longer needed.
There is a quiet inside the silence,
that I don’t know if I will ever grow accustomed to.

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  1. Two images in particular stand out: “to fold around the corners” and “breathed life into my wrists”, the latter evoking how touch brings us alive. Lovely poem.

  2. “built cities inside my chest” Ok… so I just commented on someones post saying that their poem was the best I have read this month… but… after I read this I feel in love with this piece of amazing work! It captured some emotions that I needed to get in-tune with today.

  3. Ohh so true…we should enjoy every second in our life, it’s just too short to miss anything..nice post, love it!

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