Paper Butterflies

From delicate strings
hang little dreams,
dancing inside my room.

Wings with words
calling me to dream.
Weaving through,
reverie’s seams.

Each shadow,
brings flight to life.
Passing memories down below,
offering miles of peace tonight.

Such blessings
from each of these beloved

Paper Butterflies.


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  1. you bring those paper butterflies to life jess…butterflies themselves are beauiful sky dancers weaving their magic…i guess paper ones can do that as well…smiles

  2. I love the opening stanza Jessica – captivating ! The wizadry of those little paper butterflies and their shadows bringing life to the dreams – beautiful 🙂

  3. Wonderful! Love the image, and your words fill it with color and life. I could end happy with this one letting my imagination dance with the images you have painted.

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