The Wonders of One Stop

Have you heard of One Stop Poetry? One Stop is combining the unique talents of American Poets Brian MillerLeslie Moon, Adam Dustus, with British Poet, Pete Marshall, to bring you new and exciting opportunities as an artist.  One Stop – Where Poets & Writers Meet.
Leslie Moon added, “One Stop Poetry wanted to create a community to support the arts. Currently it offers a day for poets to share their current poetry (yes it can be in the working stage). The hope on this day is for poets to get comfortable in showcasing their work and getting some feedback from other writers. That feedback comes in two fashions: one form is in a direct comment the second is in exposure. A large percentage of our poets are seasoned/published writers – the exposure to good writing is invaluable. One Stop also offers writers and artists (something needed for advancement) a platform; a place to be seen. One Stop features poets, writers and photographers weekly.”
Through One Shot Wednesday, Competitions, One Shoot Sunday and Spotlights on featured artists, One Stop Poetry unites poets and writers from all corners of the world to bring their unique talents together.  They constantly prove their commitment to helping you get noticed, and hopefully even published.  One Stop is also a great platform to help hone your skills, meet other poets and learn new styles.
I am constantly reminded of the impact that One Stop has had on it’s readers, participants and myself.  I enjoy reading the beautiful talent that is continually highlighted on the site.  If you have yet to participate in their One Shot Wednesdays or One Shoot Sundays, take the time to familiarize yourself with the process and join in! It is a supportive way to get your work out there.  One Shot also holds Poet and Photographer features, contests, and most recently unveiled their One Shot Wednesday Best of Poetry Anthology in association with Limited Editions Press.
2011 will prove to be continued growth for One Stop Poetry, which will include some exciting plans for the New Year.
Leslie Moon gave me a little insight on what to expect, “In the upcoming year we have additional plans to encourage writers. We will be starting the New Year with a critique site (not open forum). This site will be a place for poets who are serious about their work to get the critique to go to the next level; for many that will be seeking critique in order to publish. Starting this 2011 year One Stop will once a week offer a “poetry class.” This class is intended to be fun and informative. Our hope is that even the seasoned poet will learn new forms of poetry. These classes will be offered each week by teachers seasoned in that particular form of poetry. We continue to hope that One Stop is the place where artists and writers can enjoy writing and the support that community offers.”
Below is some One Stop love from two very talented and active participants of One Stop Poetry.
April was a featured poet at One Stop on August 12, 2010
Emmanuel was a featured poet at One Stop on September 30, 2010
I was also a featured poet at One stop on November 26, 2010

From the Heart of April

Twitter: @PoeticHeart34
Blog: BetweenHearts75
“I have been writing for many years although occasionally falling away due to the emotional course of life.  When I decided to get back on the world-wide web, I ended up at a place for all styles of writing/news/entertainment/ etc. From there came Twitter in an attempt to generate more blog page views.  As a poetry writer, I found myself a bit frustrated, but some gathered friends online were so supportive and encouraging, that I decided to stick with it. I relaxed more and decided not to push quite as much for page views, and get to know others expressing their creative sides.
Then I came across a lovely woman; Leslie Moon. I found her writing to be incredible with its emotional attributes, and her personality sweetly and so easily drew me in. One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had online was when Leslie invited me to OneStop Poetry.  One stop is for creative writers/artists/photographers as well as poets, for me it is like a treasure chest overflowing with many talents.
On Wednesdays they have many post links to their blogs and websites, and the work is shared and commented on amongst the crowd. This just continues to grow. I’m always in awe as I read, view, and post my own work. I find myself wishing I had more time to read and comment on all of them. The best part is connecting, getting to know, becoming friends, and that extra special likeness that inspires more to each other. I had actually started blogging (at a minimal) and was thrilled with one or two comments once in a while, and now I go to my blog and see far more.  Now I even see familiar faces along with new ones, letting me know how they feel about the work.  I know for many as well as myself, it brings a smile. I’ve come across fabulous writers, so many I can’t possibly list them all!
I absolutely LOVE OneStop Poetry and the many I have met through them. If a reward could be given to a blog that goes beyond the limits of anything standard, they’d have my vote in a heartbeat!”

From the Heart of Emmanuel

A short Story compiling all the one-shot characters

Twitter: @LordEmmanuel
Blog: Lordemmanuel
“In the spirit of Christmas”: A poem for One Shot
Night wins the sky battle
with the Moon posing elegantly.
Me and my Neighbors,
two of the coolest dudes around
sit at my balcony
sipping chilled beer
talking poetry and
observing the photographer outside
taking pictures of the Moon
as well as enjoying
the Christmas carols
softly sneaking from the house
of the beautiful German lady
that lives beside me.
A father’s voice could be heard
across the street
having fun with his boys.
All in the spirit of Christmas.

Thank you One Stop Poetry, for all you do for the writing and artistic community. We love you!

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  1. Thanks ever so much for the write up..when we first got together to think this idea up it was a long drawn out skype chat that really got the juices flowing…all four of us had met through our writing & poetry on-line..and all of us had great ideas and visions of what we wanted..we still do..the beauty of One Stop is that we never intended for it to be a platform to showcase ourselves but a place for us to promote and help others. The Anthology of course is the icing on the cake…and rest assured what we have started will continue to grow…all the best..pete

  2. Well done, Jessica…One Shot deserves this spotlight and even more.
    Thanks April for the comment.
    I hope everyone reading this have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday…Much love from my ends.

  3. Jessica,
    Thanks for this wonderful spotlight about the amazing people behind one stop poetry. I have constantly been inspired by the response to my own work through my participation in onestopwednesday. The comments have received are always thoughtful and full of wonderful insight. It is like I finally have the educated and supportive audience I always dreamed of.
    Onestoppoetry is a godsend for us writers and poets who feel isolated at times and are hesitant to share our work. I never worry when I post to onestop. I know I am in the hands of fellow poets who will let me know in a constructive way if I have written a moving poem.
    I want to particularly single out Leslie Moon, Adam Dustus, Pete Marshall, who originally encouraged me to post my poems to onestop after enjoying my micropoems on Twitter. I am forever grateful they reached out to me like they did.
    I am looking forward to be a part of onestoppoetry’s exciting future.
    Thanks again for sharing this excellent profile.
    George Pappas
    poet and Author of novel Monogamy Sucks

    1. Thank you for the comment George. I only recently discovered One Stop, but am impressed and in love with its creators and participants. A wonderful community that I am proud to acknowledge and support myself. Thank you for your continued support and participation. ?

  4. Thank you, Jessica. I can’t help but smile reading your article. And special thanks to April and Emmanuel——very kind of you both to contribute your heartfelt reflections.
    Everyone at One Stop has made personal sacrifices over our first six months. In doing so, we’ve formed friendships that I know each one of us cherishes. We began with the goal of helping fellow poets and writers, and have remained true to our intentions. The continued participation of an amazing collective of writers and artists makes One Stop more than a poetry website——we have become a supportive artistic community. So here’s to an exciting 2011! Thanks again.

    1. Thank YOU Dustus. You have helped make not only a beautiful community, but happy and safe artists that because of you, bloom and grow. It is a fantastic place to learn and be supported. Much love to you and blessings in the New Year! ?

  5. Thanks Jessica. This was a great article. It is so wonderful that you are so supportive of the community and so generous. It is much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you more in the new year. Gay

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