Moving Forward

She said goodbye and it saved my life.

A reluctant hand let go of mine.

My soul wept.

My body wept.

My skin wailed and ached.

If only time moved in a soothing direction – that oiled my wounds and eased my pain.  If only blackness didn’t eat at flesh and leave bones brittle, with hearts to wane.

She said goodbye.

That memory every now and again… saves my life.


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  1. Pretty 🙂 Foggy, but pretty. Love the comment on time, and broken flesh. One of my fave lines is from the show Dead Like Me, when they talk about what happens to a soul left in a body after its time. In many ways it’s like a soul trapped in a body that’s slowly failing, adn the best thing we can do for all of them is say goodbye.

  2. It is harding letting go ..for the young and the old…aging at times just does not seem fair …for those leaving and staying…you express it very well here Jess…bkm

    1. My way of letting go Joanne. Taking it in… then letting it out. Not just for me, but for all of us that have to face such things at some point or another. Thank you so much for coming by! 🙂

  3. Very beautiful and sad at the same time…makes me think of my grandparents, the closeness….a difficult placement to grow up and then watch, be a part of, and a hand to help…and have to let go….very hard….but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Now I need tissues 😉 excellent writing……………… much love to you sweet dear xoxo ~April

  4. A very moving write, Jessica… it was so tender, and yet so intense.. (sigh)
    Lovely! It’s amazing how the same memory can bring us a smile and at the same time, a tear as well.. I think you’ve captured that emotion really perfectly here..

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