Lyrical Friday

Welcome to Lyrical Friday! Music is so important in all of our creative journeys as well as in our own personal soundtrack of life.  So many songs have influenced me and I want to use this day to put up a video and lyrics of songs from all genre’s that I find to have some sort of beauty or impact, or that I just think are amusing!

Great White doesn’t hold the title for best lyrics, but this song (and many others) are so much fun! Come back to 1987 and Rock Me!


Rock Me by Great White, from their 1987 album Once Bitten

Rock Me
Sweet little baby,
you don’t have to go
Little baby,
tell me you won’t go
We’d be so good together
if we had the time
Bein’ alone’s
a nowhere state of mind
Lovin’ ain’t no crime, oh no
I see your man ain’t here.
He don’t care
And when the night is gone
I will move on
Got to find a way
to face another day
I search the world
for someone I’ll never find
Someone who ain’t the hurtin’ kind
If you stay the night.
We’ll make the wrong seem right
So come on now…
Rock me
Rock me
Roll me through the night
We’ll burn in love tonight
Sweet little baby,
oh don’t you go
You ain’t so innocent, I know
I know your heart’s like mine, oh yeah
And I will find the time
to make you mine
And if your love goes bad,
if it makes you sad
I’ll be back for more
at your door
Before the mornin’ light,
we’ll burn with love tonight
And when your man don’t care,
I will be there
Still be lovin’ real good love…
There is no wrong or right, gonna fall in love
There’s nothing left to do,
but make sweet love to you

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