Live. Now.

There can be nothing solid in water.  Nothing blocking the steady pumping of blood through the miles of veins that trek through the human body.  There can be no cracks in the floor.  Nothing altering the inhaling of oxygen, or parting of lips to drink in each necessary breath.  There can be no holes in the skin.  Nothing to slam against bones that hold us upright.
Foundations rock like seas with kidney stones and pin-sized clots. Tiny wounds that end life.  It does not take much to turn sunshine to deep dark.  It could be a phone call away, a step to the left, a pull from the right.
Today is the day you make a mark. Change.  Years go by in moments and death replaces life. Today is the day you fix this.  There is an expiration date that for this moment has been delayed, but someday, we will be out of appeals. Live. Now.

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  1. I really enjoyed your writing and its combination with the photo…Nicely done, with a fine message that more people need to read, and let sink in!
    “Today is the day you make a mark. Change.”
    Thanks for sharing,
    Roger ?

  2. look who it is…great to see you jess…love the challenge in the finale there…to live now..there will be an expiration date if we wait too long…nice build to that throughout….

  3. I think about these things a lot, how everything can change in just a moment. Sometimes I think too much on it when I’m separated from those I care about. But, I love the message to live now. I want to continue doing just that. This was lovely 🙂

    1. Thank you Lori and I know what you mean. It is easy to obsess about things like that and especially when it involves those you love. Even more reason to Live. Now. and enjoy those around you. xoxoox

  4. I got the impression right away that this person is obsessive a little bit, possibly about death… Then the mention of tiny wounds that can cause death and sunshine turning to darkness solidified that for me… and the the finale, you are going to change today…… today is the day….. It is true that years go by as moments, I love the expiration date and running out of appeals… absolutely imaginative and captivating! Very whimsical and charming kind of pleasant Jessica.. I really enjoyed this……..

  5. Thank you John! More of a warning and reminder, not really an obsession with death. It is just good to step back and realize once in awhile that THIS is our moment. Tomorrow doesn’t always happen.
    I am glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  6. WOW. You are really smart.
    And what shall be my change?? To not worry about what’s to come, and what has already come. This IS our moment, Jessica. Thanks so so so much for the reminder and affirmation of now.

  7. this is brilliant, amazing sentiments.
    glad to read you and love your blog.
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    hope to see you in.
    keep up the excellence.
    would love to read you again, take good care.

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