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Jessica Kristie is an award winning author, a writer, and a lover of poetry. She is an advocate for art, an activist against human trafficking, and a soulful contributor to the strengthening of our creative communities.

“Poetry is my heart, anchors my soul, and documents my journey.” – Jessica Kristie

Jessica is a poet seeking to inspire, and the voice of KRISTIE & CLOVERFIELD.

Tom Cloverfield is a Germany based producer for house, lounge, and chillout music.


He is engineer, songwriter, multi-Instrumentalist, label boss of ultrasonic music Germany and ChillAudio, and Resident DJ on Stromkraftradio. Tom prefers to have richness and emotional texture in his tunes, thus creating hypnotic and sexy electronic music.
“I don’t create music to be recognized – I do it because it’s necessary for me.” – Tom Cloverfield

Tom is composer, performer (synthesizers, drums and percussions, pianos) and producer of the KRISTIE & CLOVERFIELD project.

KRISTIE & CLOVERFIELD was founded in 2012. KRISTIE´S poetry is primarily on the darker and somber side; CLOVERFIELD´S music is often a bit melancholic but always energizing. It is contrast and synergy at the same time.

Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, the deep sounds, the endless darkness, and the wonderful poetry made by KRISTIE & CLOVERFIELD.






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