Grassroots’ Politics

You mistake emotional recklessness for passion, rotting in your own design.  Mastering the art of projection while forgetting to breathe inside your flying sticks and weightless stones.  Fighting fear with threats of shame – luring innocent victims to your pointless nightmare.  A thing you are quick to accuse and short to accept.  What is branded on you, are all the words you use to point and curse.

Vanity and failing esteem haunts you – –

Leading you to believe,
those who have moved on, still wait at your feet.
Those who have risen above, remain soiled on your ground level.


What a shame it is to see your patterns of selfishness and constant agenda.  Never a thought on your own, as a map to your so called “creations” can be traced back to countless others.  For someone who claims intently to be honest, I fear to see what deceptive shapes lay in your being, and to you… what they mean.  Any truthful whisper you once were, is now lost in the waves of your damaged worth.  Your duplicity is frightening, but really – only for you.  Because you are the only one who is being deluded.  Personal deception is the most destructive of actions.

Believe me when I say, this is your own self created disaster.  Leave those that have no desire to be in your tireless web, out.  We have bigger fish to fry, and a true desire to actually make this world a better place.

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