Further Past Forsaken

There’s a light beyond the ether, that exists past my nose. The isolation and humbling exemption from the normal… will pass. As quick as the flick of snow that melts to nothing–so will the changes that hide in the horizon–burn in my direction.

I will be free.

Free from the bondage of binding rejection.

Free from the misery of turned backs and ignored responsibilities.

I’m still that person with soft skin and an open heart. Whether rich or poor. Lost or found. I deserve to not be forsaken.

The calls to ignore the outside are strong. I rest quietly to take it in, to listen. To make┬áconscious┬áchange, and repair on my own the damage I let others bring. Promises ignored and my hurts forgotten–left and paved over by selfish fools.

I will be free.

Free from the journey that blisters and swells.

Free from the rotting words that are left to swing in the wind.

I will be free.

And if you don’t see, then it’s you that’s blinded–not me.

Photo by Felicia Simion

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  1. I absolutely love this though I hate the pain you’ve must have experienced. Thank you for sharing your soul.
    I see…
    And thanks for reading,
    Sarah Butland
    author of Arm Farm, Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One

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