Funeral in My Head

Pink mist surrounds your body,
I thought it should be blue.
To match the tie you wore,
to the funeral of you.
Your eulogy was perfect,
I thought it should have failed.
To match the lies around you,
so many of us inhaled.
Your casket smelled of cherry wood,
I thought it should just be dirt.
To match your fake exterior,
and your evil – every word.
I cover the last of you,
and lower you into the ground.
Your memory is buried,
and my mind is finally sound.

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  1. I really liked the last verse.. wish we all could have funerals in our heads sometimes.. when memory would go in sky like smoke and would never come back.

  2. Brilliantly powerful! ~ what a way to exorcise those painful memories Jess ~ imagery incredibly deft ~ I felt and shared the pain ~ ‘cherry wood’ ‘soil’ really buried that hurt ~ stunning ~ Lib

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