Finding My “Still”

*This was originally a guest post on Thomas Marzano’s blog Digital thoughts posted on 10/22/2010.  We are currently working on adding the lyric track to the music.  The final product will be posted when complete.*
From Thomas Marzano’s Blog:
In my previous blogpost “Your Voice, My Music | A Creative Invitation” I placed a call out to the world to write lyrics for my song “Still“. I got quite some reactions from people who said they liked the initiative, but none quite so remarkable as the one I got from Jessica Kristie (@jesskristie). I asked her to write-up a guest post for my blog telling this creative musical and lyrical story, as I felt her angle would be far more interesting than mine. Enjoy!

Finding My “Still”

The stars aligned for me one night as I was creeping around Twitter, unusually late for me.  I have seen the lovely Thomas’s (@ThomasMarzano) tweets fly through my timeline on more than one occasion, but never interacted with him. A particular tweet caught my eye about writing lyrics for some music he had written.  Writing lyrics had been getting dusty on my bucket list, and I have been told on many occasions that my poetry could be easily turned into mushy love songs.  Compliment?  I think so?!
I needed to check it out and see what this Mr. Marzano was all about.  Luckily he had the music posted right on the front page of his blog. I was pleasantly surprised by how well done it was.  I instantly felt the emotion and the intensity of the music.  This actually intimidated me a bit.  It can be a scary thing to mess with someone’s labor of love, and for Thomas this seemed to be a very personal birth.
I sucked it up and sent him a message on Twitter. He was sweet and engaging, while encouraging me to give it a shot.  Since I have been very inspired to write lately I decided I would go for it.  I prayed I wouldn’t hit a block when sitting down to actually try and create something.
I played Thomas’s song “Still” about 15 times.  I really wanted to grab the emotion, and do this beautiful melody some justice. I had a quick conversation the next day with Thomas and he asked me what emotions the piece evoked in me.  I told him my initial thoughts a bit hesitantly, in fear I would be totally off base. I needed to know just as much as he did, if we were on the same page. We were on the same page.  Truly and perfectly on the same blue colored page.
As I sat down to write these lyrics, my ink lovingly flowed.  It was effortless and just seemed to work.  The words seem to fit well with the emotion the guitar bled through the piece.  Between my souls already overflowing inspiration and the music that touched me so deeply… words just sang out.  Much to my excitement, Thomas felt a connection with the lyrics.  This was obviously the most important part of my journey… to connect with the music that he had already so lovingly laid out.
I feel honored to have been a part of this process and hope that I have captured the perfect stillness to compliment the beauty that Thomas had already beautifully bottled.



Thunder crashing
Wind and Rain
Thunder crashing
The makings of a hurricane
Tearing down my walls
While our moments align
Colliding our souls
And stopping time

Verse 1:

A distance I can’t replace
From my world
To your hearts space
Shadowing a memory of a vision past
A loving moment but made of glass
Beauty in you still


Verse 2:

Stillness in our memory
Of a love that you meant to me
A place and a movement past
Through a distance and promise
There is a peace in this moment
I can’t replace
Within my heart
Within my hand
Hand be still


::Guitar Solo::


Within my heart
Hand be still

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  1. This is absolutely amazing! The music is great and your lyrics match it perfectly. Now I would love to hear those beautiful lyrics in actual song! It is amazing how two people could feel the same emotions through this music to create one great piece.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! It was an amazing experience to find someone I work so well with. We are working on another project together as we speak! Hope to get this lyric track done asap. Appreciate your support and for stopping by! ?

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