Face to Face

Word filled and soft to the embrace.
I am not alone in this feeling,
or fleeting in my chase.
Something brews as big –
as the shadows on my wall.
I feel it wrap around me,
padding my fall.

I beat in dark blue circles
and feather with each step.
I tumble down your truth
and swell with each breath.

A journey to a place of touch,
of sound,
of rain drenched hands.
Gripping pavement to remember
where it is we stand.

I swallow with a deepened hue,
that brings me back to a perfect –
memory of you.

No bondage of a fallen past
or carved trees with a facade to last.

A real moment buried within our time,
filling our skin and breaking lines.
We slide through this forgotten place.
Where it is we love,
face to face.

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  1. So very beautiful Jess,
    Exactly what so many want, something beautiful and truthful, and REAL…such a gorgeous writing and love the image. Seems reflective =) so much the same yet so different too, but the something special that balances it all between….BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL writing!! ~April =) XO

    1. Thank you honey pie! I loved the butterflies kissing, it just fit so perfect with the title and poem. I am happy you enjoyed it! xoxox

  2. Ohh.. this is so beautiful, Jessica… I could touch this moment… and yes, the feeling’s like none other!
    Your wordplay and rhymes here have worked so well with each other… there is almost a lyrical feel to this poem… lovely!

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