Deaths Reminder

Broken skin.
Like shattered glass,
scattered in an empty parking lot.
Street lights that burn bridges –
and teach me to sing
a different song.

Death sweeps and boils,
rising to the top.
Golden wounds don’t bring heroes,
and we all end this way.

Living –

is where we find our verse,
but our hopes should all sound the same.
Beating to the tune of peace.
Melodies that let go of all the pain.

Darkness crawls,
and blackness seeps.

Blood drips down,
on all our streets.

By design,
we claw and weep,

but in forgiveness and hope,
our hurts,

can finally–

close down the walls,
and reclaim their sleep.

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  1. A darkness in imagery that nonetheless brims in the beginning and the end, yet a melancholy peace lies in the center, like the creamy feeling to some dark, bitter chocolate…*shakes head* My mind is on candy. Oh dear. I means to say, however, a beautiful piece, one that speaks to the harshness in the world, yet offers visions of peace within it…or perhaps, in its end…
    Explosive picture too. Really like the effect of it.

    1. Lol, thank you for reading! Is your mind on candy cause my previous post? Mine was on candy then too. πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by Chris, always a pleasure. ?

  2. Beautiful, I think this must be about insomnia, as you feel when you can’t sleep darkness all around but like a fragile cracking mirror. This is a great poem Jessica, thanks for sharing

  3. Amazing imagery, and such truth in powerful words Jess. We all have difficulty, pain, sadness in this world no matter where we are, but there is something good that can be pulled in….sometimes so difficult but it is there….letting go and forgiving and having that hope inside is so necessary…even when it feels so tired in trying for….
    maybe one day I can truly sleep…
    *Hugs & Love Dear Friend ~ Wonderful Writing ~ April

  4. Oohh.. I enjoyed this dark journey, J… Life can get like this at times… and our only hope is forgiveness and faith… cuz at the end of the day, it all ends (in just the same way more or less)
    Beautiful words, my friend… the tone of sadness in it just made even more soulful..

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