The longer you sit in your tower, alienated and alone, the more you will become disconnected and ineffective to those around you. You cannot be the foundation, structure, tenant, and ruler.

Momentarily he gleamed on his soapbox. He would show the way for the hungry. Promises of wounds that would be washed, held, and kissed back to perfection. He reflected so appropriately the world’s desperation.
Conceptually he moved mountains. The words always pointing in the right direction; just enough arc to cause a stir. He demanded a kingdom from which he deemed himself ruler. Illusion fit into his breast pocket – a bait and switch – sleight of hand.  Wool over the eyes that no sheep would now ever admit was once his.
Physically he changed nothing but claimed everything. Passive-aggressive in a voice that force-fed entitlement to the masses. A sadness haunted from his lonely tower, held upright only by smoke and warped mirrors.
Genuinely she loved him. Through the pasty, plastic lips, lay a human smile that she had only seen on but a few occasions.

How long can you really love a man who is momentarily present, physically polished, and conceptually broken?

His real life was but a figment of his own imagination. What truly stood in those shoes was nothing more than you or I:
An imperfect heart in hopeful skin.

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  1. Perfection never ceases to fall from your pen Jess…this is stunning! An imperfect heart in hopeful skin…how could there be a better statement to describe so many of us. It’s a virtual standing ovation…and so very honored to have you sharing this with me today. Faith is being restored 🙂

    1. You are far too kind to me. I am honored to participate in your awesome and always heartfelt events. YOU are a world changer my friend, and a welcomed partner in crime 😉 xoxo

  2. yes, for me, hope is what it all comes down to. great commentary on the way so many of us seem to live our lives these days, halfway between hope and numbness.

  3. I love this line Jessica: “His real life was but a figment of his own imagination.” What a wonderful gem you have wrought, and diamond of a line, for there are so many that this could be said of and actually be true! Kudos, Roger ?

      1. Thank you 🙂 I appreciate you reading. Usually the heart turns into a question mark for me which is super unfortunate because I love to use them 😉

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