Jessica Kristie

Poetry is my heart, anchors my soul, and documents my journey.

Author | Poet | Advocate

Beyond this Room

I’m wondering when it will be enough to break the shackles of our differences and find a safe place in the middle. Reality says we never will, but that’s okay.

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Fighting Fear & Remembering Utoya

In the wake of a tragedy, it is hard to verbalize the true effect it has. There is the corruption it breaks down onto the immediately wounded and then the stain it leaves on the distant viewers of the wasteland left behind.

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No Cure for an Ugly Culture

The common man has been given an opportunity to share, respond and stand up for what we believe in. With all of these opportunities, you would hope that we would step up and take advantage in a responsible way.

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The Voice of Inspiration

This originally premiered at A Literary Pursuit as a guest post on 4/11/2011 ••• There is a series of failures that tug at the coat of a writer.  They peek in and wait for the well to run dry or for you to lay the pen down a final time. […]

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