Jessica Kristie

Jessica Kristie

Poetry is my heart, anchors my soul, and documents my journey.

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BWB Necklace

Available now exclusively at The Hallway Project

Product information:

The butterfly is very sturdy and lightweight, with a wing span measuring approximately 2.25 inches at its widest point, and 2 inches in length.

About the artist:

Divine Hammer grew up living an almost nomadic lifestyle. Moving repeatedly, she was always the new kid . . . and an admitted oddball at that. It often made the public school system a dull and painful experience, so she would retreat into the more colorful world of her imagination, spending long hours sketching and dreaming of a more fantastic life. After many years of exercising her creativity in different ways, she finally settled on wire-work and has been addicted ever since. She now lives with her artist husband and two children in the beautiful coastal mountains of Northern California. You can see more of her work at UncommonFolk or visit her blog.