I should leave it behind me,
this lost story of old.
This aching page of forgotten glory,
and empty space.

I hold sand like it was brick between my fingers,
then stand surprised it fell through.
Everything I thought I knew,
widdles so quickly away.

I should force my intuitions
to finally take the reins.
Digging holes that reach the center of the earth
throwing all portraits of history down–

to rest.

I should leave it behind me,
all the insensitivity forced beneath my feet.
Smoldering wood leaving scents that speak,
preaching of distant lands and futures that should have been.

I should leave it behind me.
Because I cannot bend back
to reach what is now buried
without permanently twisting,

to never be the same.

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    1. Thank you Kellie. I am glad they speak to you, that is why I write. It is good to know there are so many others out there that feel and think like we do. Thank you for always reading. 🙂

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