Into the Ether

All wrapped, tied in a bow.
Each side lined and folded with lace.
Into the ether.
It goes, does not wave but disappears.
I struggle with forgetting, but each of those sins –
must be forgotten.

They broke down into the box,
a favor to me.
Leaving little residue but a faint memory stain.
Now it must be gone, permanently.
Into the ether.
Little room is left here for whys or explanation.
My space must be cleaned,
decorated a new.

Knotting what frayed pieces remain,
to grab hold for later use.
It is done.
Well drenched and oiled to a past
that needs to be but faintly remembered.
Only to learn and be reminded,
to not retrace that step.

Into the ether.
It is time
and you must go.




Jessica Kristie is the founder of The Hallway Project, an award winning author, writer, and a lover of poetry. She is an advocate for art, an activist against human trafficking, and a soulful contributor to the strengthening of our creative communities.

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14 thoughts on “Into the Ether

  1. there is a nice truth in here jessica about moving on and letting the past go its way as well….we cling to a few things but we certainly can not carry it all with us as it is just too heavy…

    • Indeed. I am guilty of making the same mistake repeatedly but know the importance of hurling things into the ether ;)

  2. Oh, Jessica. You are so right. This is something I’ve been trying to keep myself from admitting, especially when it comes to several friendships/relationships; it’s time for them to become the past, and let time take its course.

    A magnificent poem. Thank you for sharing.

    • I hear you Zach. Timing is a rough thing to try and master. We get used to things, accept things as alright, or ignore the problems. Sometimes we need to clean house my friend and that is okay and very freeing. xoxo

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  4. A wonderful write, advice we should all follow…but as one who dances on the verge and refuses to admit her reluctance at forgetting…perhaps it hit me harder than some…one day I’ll let go…maybe….

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